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What are Flash Casino Games?

Online casinos usually offer two versions of popular games: download and Flash. Flash casino games are browser-based games which can be played directly on the casino website. There are numerous advantages to playing these games when compared to downloadable games.

One of the main advantages is the fact that downloading games can take up a great deal of space on one’s computer. Flash games have no storage requirements and do not require the fast Internet connection required to download these games. Further, they save time because they can be played without waiting for a game to be downloaded.

Some online casinos have recognized the many benefits of Flash games and have become entirely Flash-based. These games offer the same quality as downloadable games and are much more convenient.

Types of Flash Casino Games

For Money or For Fun

One of the advantages to using Flash casino games is that nearly every game will offer an option to play for real money or simply for fun. This can allow inexperienced players or individuals on a budget to still enjoy all the fun and excitement of casino games.

Types of Flash Casino Games

There are nearly as many Flash casino games as there are downloadable games. A few of the main Flash games are slots, card games like blackjack and poker, roulette, and specialty games like Keno. Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular Flash casino games.

Flash Slots

Slots are one of the games that directly translates to Flash technology. There are a wide variety of Flash slots to choose from, just as in any casino. These games work the same way as normal slots. Players simply select how much money to insert and play.

Flash Blackjack

Flash blackjack is the browser-based version of the most popular casino card game. Players will “sit” at a virtual table with others or just against a dealer. The same rules apply as normal blackjack. Players make bets and try to get blackjack to beat the dealer.

Flash Poker

Flash poker has become incredibly popular due to its many benefits when compared to normal poker. Players can play against others or against a computer. There are far more choices of poker styles than in brick-and-mortar casinos. In addition, flash poker often eliminates the pressure to make quick decisions found in normal poker.

Flash Roulette

Like slots, roulette translates very well to Flash. These games use realistic sounds and visual effects to make the game feel similar to normal roulette. Players simply use their mouse to select a bet and then spin the wheel.

Flash Specialty Games

In addition to standard casino games, Flash casinos often offer specialty games like Keno. This lottery game involves choosing numbers and getting paid based on how many numbers match randomly-drawn numbers. There is a virtual card on which players can mark off numbers before the draw is completed.

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